Hawthorne House Guest Reviews
Katy Phillips, New Zealand

Our room was a good size and they kindly offered to upgrade us before arrival. However on arrival I did notice a large crack in the ensuite ceiling and during our second night there was a massive leak and the rain was pouring through. We came in at 10pm and noticed this as we’d been out for dinner. The hosts leave a book in each room with key info about your stay, nowhere in this booklet can you find a contact number or in case of emergency instructions to reach them (as they live somewhere behind the main property). This meant my partner was out in the rain banging on windows and doors looking for them, to tell them about the leak and get some assistance. It seemed quite dangerous as the ceiling clearly hadn’t been redone/fixed in a while. One of the hosts eventually came in with a bucket and said ‘’oh yeah this has happened before but luckily nobody was in the room at the time’. He then left and told us to just ‘shut the door’. He then returned and said if we wanted, we could move rooms. This is an old house so moving to a new room at 11pm without your belongings doesn’t feel ideal as it takes so long to heat the room. The option was simply move to a cold room (with a smaller bed, which doesn’t suit my partner as he’s 6’5) or just close the bathroom door and stay in our room, which is what we did. I didn’t shower that night or morning (given the bathroom circumstances), I didn’t appreciate the entire sitution and I went home feeling unclean and annoyed. When my partner paid for our stay there was no attempt to offer discount or real acknowledgment for the inconvenience of our night/leaking roof. He just said ‘sorry about last night’. I find this completely unacceptable and if you run a B&B as a business then you need to invest in the maintenance of your property. Not only to ensure your guests enjoy their stay but to also ensure health and safety standards are a met when inviting people to stay in your property.